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Monday, August 14, 2006
Learn to Love Objections
It is the tendency of new sales people to be put on the defensive by an objection. Your life in sales will change when you learn how to handle objections. An objection is the second best thing that can happen to you. The only other options are yes and no. Yes is great, it means you got the order. No is pretty tough. A flat out no is difficult to over come. Not impossible by any means, but it is tough to do something with. That leave us with objections. Tom Hopkins says the sale begins at the first objection. The very first key to overcoming objections is learning how to deal with them mentally. You have to wire your brain to be excited about getting objections.

The first step to loving objections start with a conversation between you and your subconscious. Have somebody throw an objection at you. Anyone, your spouse, a co-worker, anybody close by that will work with you. Have them toss an objection at you. What does your brain say when you get that objection? If your first thought is fear or disappointment, you need to explain to your subconscious why objections are a good thing. Keep working on this during your quiet time (maybe as you lay down in bed before you go to sleep) until your brain gets excited when you hear an objection.

Step two is to learn your objections and rebuttals. For most industries, salespeople hear the same seven to ten objections over and over again. Once you have memorized what those objections are and what you will say when you get them, your self confidence will soar!

I couldn't agree more with your toughts on objections. I can't say that I "love" them, but they're not something to get defensive about as you write.

Many of your thoughts here are similr in nature to a book I just got from Amazon - which coincidentally is the same name as your blog "coffee is for closers only." Both offer sound advice. Keep it up!

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